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Marysville, CA, USA

May 20 @ 12:00 pm

This is a unifying event for ALL freedom lovers who want to stand strong together to show the globalists how many of us ARE READY to stand in their way.

Everything they want to achieve requires our compliance…which they won’t get!

We are MANY, we are UNITED, and WE ARE READY!

If you’ve been absent from events lately because the crisis seems to have subsided a bit. SHOW UP TO THIS ONE. It’s important we’re all these for this powerful message!

Please spread the word as much as you can and try to enroll other groups or influencers to post their support as well.


The epicenter of this global event will be in Lisbon, Portugal where several international freedom advocates will gather. We chose this date because the Bilderberg Club is meeting in Lisbon then, and the W.H.O. is also meeting at a different location. These two organizations are linked to globalism, agenda 2030, and the push for a one-world government so we chose this weekend to send them this powerful message.


May 20
12:00 pm


We Are Ready


Veterans Park
715 5th St
Marysville, CA 95901 United States
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9 Responses

  1. THIS IS AMAZING! I live in Chico. I am vaccine injured and witnessed injuries at the Enloe clinics. I am searching for more injured here in the North State. I am planning an event here called “Unvaccinate Butte County” for June. Any vaccinated person can attend for free bringing their vax card for entry. No one else is invited as this will be a safe space. Others can attend via livestream. I hope to get Aaron Rodgers to speak. Daniel Mercuri has committed. Albert Benavides of VAERSAware.com will speak on how to enter a VAERS Report. I will do a presentation on “how bad are the batches” and we will pull up live each batch # for attendees so they can see how toxic that lot was, and Albert will help them enter a report right there. Stanford Graham has committed (owner of Cardio Miracle) and we will have all sorts of detox and healthy recovery strategies for the injured and/or poisoned. For those that lost loved ones, they can also attend for free.

    If anyone at this group is interested in helping me promote the event, or have a booth, etc., let me know!

    1. Yet your asking Aaron Rodgers who is not vaccinated? I would think you would want support from all. I am not mRNA vaccinated but vaccine injured I support ALL those who choose to be or not to be mRNA injected. I mean how could we have known? We believed our government had our best interests in mind. Just know your not alone and I truly ache for your experience and pray for your healing. May God Bless you in your journey.

      You might reach out to Butte County Freedom Coalition P.O. Box 6087 Chico, CA 95927


      This might be another group close that could be helpful.
      I hate to think those who for whatever the reason got vaccinated have to exclude support for fear of not feeling safe. This breaks my heart.


  2. I am glad to participate in saying we see you and we will not give up our country to the globalists.

  3. I have a one page document with the House Committee of Foreign Affairs member names and phone numbers to contact to urge to pass HR.343, HR.1425, and HR.79 to protect us from what’s happening with the W.H.O. We can also urge house members to pass HR.1122 to protect us from CBDC’s. The other side of my document has the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations members contact info to urge to pass S.4343 and Senators need to sponsor companion bills to HR.343 and HR.79 to protect us from the W.H.O. The Senate also needs to pass S.887 to protect us from CBDC, pass S.4518 “Solving the Border Crisis Act” which is extremely urgent now that Title 42 has ended, and vote NO on S.686 the Restrict Act which would censor Free Speech of citizens. Please let me know if anyone wants this document to share!! simonsgreetings@yahoo.com

  4. What is the name and contact info of the person hosting the May 20 event at the park in Marysville?

  5. Who is hosting this event and what is their contact info? I would be travelling from Solano County. I do not want to attend unless I know for sure others will also.

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